Monday, 12 September 2011

I'm back!... kinda

Yes, I'm lazy, but I have many excuses for anyone bothered to read this any more. the main one EXAMS!!!This whole school year will be filled with GCSEs and mocks and revision- sorry next TWO years. And then Alevels. True, many others can blog whilst busy with exams, but unfortunatley I am one of those people who is incredibly disorganised and often too lazy to even get on the computer.
I also happen to have awoken my piano playing enjoyment (FINALLY, after 8 years of playing i now enjoy it!) so havebeen inspired to play much more than before. And then there's my flute, with I have neglected in recent times, artwork
I want to continue and perhaps finally start playing the guitar that is gathering dust in my room...
Anyone who was interested in seeing an Art project- unfortunatley Doctor Who will not be the subject, although i will try to upload some of my other work from school and home.
Bye!!! xxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Sorry I haven't posted!! I've been revising for gcses (rs and personal economics) and it's been pretty mad. I did my rs gcse yesterday! My first ever gcse exam of many... Personal economics is on Tuesday :( Im praying it goes well.

Ive been thinking... Since i like art and i like doctor who, maybe i should start an arty project on that subject? It would alao give me something to post about(of anyone is interested). What do YOU think?

Monday, 6 June 2011


helloo once again.
uungh..... awkward moment... what to write?.... should probably plan...
Shoes. I have to draw them. they're nice but... I'd like todraw something different now and then. Gosh, this is going badly. Perhaps I'll post some of my "art work" soon. I apologise for the appaling quality of this post and pray this one bad moment will not deter you from following me. I should try harder, but unfortunatley my mind went blank when I started this. And I won't talk about doctor who. Though it is awesome. :D
Bye Bye

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Yes, I know this is on the same day as my previous post, but I'm bored and felt I might as well do a proper post seeing as that one was slightly...

Now, about ood. Aren't they lovely? Yes I know that they're aliensand they carry their brains in their hands, and their fictional, but they are lovely. In my eyes at least. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then search doctor who. All I will say is it is the best tv show EVER. yes, I am a nerd.

Last, the night doth come and my writings shall not be as long as I wish. Au revoir. Aid wiedersehn. Good bye.



Well, I can safely say I have no idea why I created this blog. If I even do anything most things in it will be random. Thank you nice people who read this.
Ps I'm a great doctor who fan, so that might feature here...