Monday, 12 September 2011

I'm back!... kinda

Yes, I'm lazy, but I have many excuses for anyone bothered to read this any more. the main one EXAMS!!!This whole school year will be filled with GCSEs and mocks and revision- sorry next TWO years. And then Alevels. True, many others can blog whilst busy with exams, but unfortunatley I am one of those people who is incredibly disorganised and often too lazy to even get on the computer.
I also happen to have awoken my piano playing enjoyment (FINALLY, after 8 years of playing i now enjoy it!) so havebeen inspired to play much more than before. And then there's my flute, with I have neglected in recent times, artwork
I want to continue and perhaps finally start playing the guitar that is gathering dust in my room...
Anyone who was interested in seeing an Art project- unfortunatley Doctor Who will not be the subject, although i will try to upload some of my other work from school and home.
Bye!!! xxx

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